5 Reasons Why Spiral Ducts are Hot on the HVAC Market

Whether you own or manage properties or simply have a taste in architecture, you’ve probably noticed the rapid increase in the use of spiral metal ductwork in the industry. Spiral ducts have recently become a crucial component of the commercial HVAC market.

Exposed spiral ductwork has multiple benefits that make it an excellent choice for functional and aesthetic purposes. Below are the top five reasons why spiral duct fittings and products are in high demand in the HVAC market.

Less Expensive

Spiral ductwork is designed to provide peak efficiency, which can help reduce the overall costs of cooling, heating, filtering, and circulating air in your space. Plus, it is easy to install and can cost up to 50 percent less than the placement of a rectangular duct.

This is because spiral duct fittings are lightweight and compact and require fewer materials to anchor and hang them. In addition, spiral ducts can be relatively cheaper to package, transport, and dispose of if smaller pieces are fitted within larger duct systems.

Less Air Leakage

When air leaks through your duct system’s joints, it can impair efficiency, cause energy loss, and affect the ability of your HVAC system to improve indoor air quality. A properly engineered and installed spiral ductwork provides a low leakage rate (less than 1%) because it has fewer joint to joint connections than its rectangular counterparts. Furthermore, spiral ducts are designed with a lock-seam that makes them self-sealing, enabling them to meet and exceed the stringent industry air leakage standards.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Once you install an HVAC system in your home or office, it is always prudent to keep it in good condition. This means you should be cleaning it from time to time to ensure it’s working at its best. Spiral ductwork makes cleaning and maintenance work much easier because it does not have large corners and flat surfaces that can encourage the collection of dust and dirt.

Less Noise

Comparatively, spiral duct systems are quieter than traditional duct systems. The curvature design of the spiral ductwork helps regulate pressure as the air circulates in the ducts, which can help reduce the amount of noise generated from reverberated air pressure. So, unlike the rectangular duct systems with large surfaces and sharp angles, spiral ductwork creates a quieter environment in your space.

Improved Air Flow

Rectangular ductwork features multiple joints and sharp corners that can easily affect airflow. On the contrary, spiral systems allow air to move with uniform momentum along the ductwork with static pressure, velocity, and friction at play. The equalized pressure allows more efficient air circulation throughout the building.

Bottom Line

Spiral ducts are currently making waves in the HVAC market due to their exceptional aesthetic and functional capabilities. At M&M Manufacturing, we will help you install and maintain effective HVAC ductwork to enhance your indoor air quality. Please contact us online or call us at 817-336-2311 to get a free estimate.

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