Spiral Ductwork: How New Connection Technology and Shape Impact High-performance HVAC Systems

‘High performance’ is a terminology that has gained popularity in the HVAC industry over the years. As energy costs continue rising, designers have to come up with better ways to maximize energy efficiency. Optimizing energy efficiency allows building owners to meet new sustainability requirements. An excellent way to enhance energy efficiency without compromising sustainability objectives is manufacturing efficient HVAC equipment.

Most manufacturers focus on improving the efficiency of items like air handlers and chillers and overlook critical systems like ductwork. However, modern designers have started considering new connection technology and ductwork shape to enhance HVAC performance. One of the latest innovations is spiral ductwork.

How the Spiral Ductwork Enhances HVAC Performance

Improved Airflow

Spiral ductwork allows efficient movement of air and reduces leakage, which can help improve your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. Spiral ductwork can come in handy in buildings where occupants need power blowers or fans to circulate air through the ductwork to different areas. With the typical ductwork, occupants can reduce or lower the temperature if the system fails to offer the desired comfort. This, in turn, can increase energy consumption and costs.

Spiral ductwork allows the efficient and even circulation of airflow and creates constant internal pressure. Also, the ductwork has a seam on the outside to offer a smooth interior, reducing friction losses and energy consumption.

Reducing Leakage

Another primary concern for most building designers is air leakage. If you have leaking ducts, you’ll have to incur extra costs to get larger fans to supply the required airflow. Leaking ductwork can also force other HVAC components to strain to achieve and maintain the desired comfort. Spiral ductwork meets and surpasses the set industry standards, thus eliminating the chance of air leakages.

Cheap and Easy to Install

Apart from the incredible performance features, spiral ducts are easy and less expensive to install. Due to their strength and rigidity, the spiral ducts don’t require a lot of accessories like hangers and stiffeners. This helps reduce the cost of installation.

Unlike rectangular ducts, you only require a drill and a few screws to install spiral ductwork. The ducts are also made of light metals, making them easier to lift and install. In most cases, the installation process can be completed by only one person.

Unlike the rectangular ducts that are 5-foot long, spiral ducts can be two times longer. This reduces the number of connections while installing the duct system. You also don’t need to worry about incurring extra costs for caulking transverse links.

Aesthetic Advantages

Unlike typical ducts, spiral ducts don’t have complex caulked connections. Since these ducts are self-sealed, they appear cleaner and smoother. These appealing aesthetic features will favor your architects and designers, thus giving your building a more modern appearance.

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