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Delivery - M & M Manufacturing
Delivery - M & M Manufacturing

Delivery to our customers usually means getting the products they ordered when they need them. This happens routinely at M&M, more often then not, the day after the order is placed.

M&M recently added this new 2006 Kenworth T800 tractor to its’ delivery arsenal at the Houston plant. The conventional sleeper cab tractor-trailer unit will allow for enhanced delivery services in Southern Texas and Louisiana. With the new 53′ trailer M&M can deliver the goods when you need them.

M&M can provide this outstanding service in part because of the use of a sophisticated real time inventory management system which alerts production to demand needs as soon as a customer’s order is placed. The actual order is “picked” from ample inventory of on-hand products with replacement production orders being issued simultaneously if needed based on previous order history.

On-line, real time data management communications link the fork truck driver directly to the inventory. Locations, quantities, and part types are all available instantly to ensure the order pickers always have product to pull and ship very rapidly.

So the next time you see an M&M truck driver bringing your order, know that there is a complete support team behind him making sure your order is delivered as quickly as possible.

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