Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Waterjet and Laser Cutting Systems

M&M Manufacturing Company is proud of its reputation for providing high quality HVAC Duct Pipe & Fittings to the residential and commercial sectors of the marketplace. That sheet metal fabricating experience, along with technological manufacturing advances permits M&M to serve the general sheet metal products industry.

Products used in roofing, general ventilation, architectural sheet metal products and ornamental sheet metal, including copper, are just a few of the ways that M&M can assist the customer in getting their General Sheet Metal Products with competitive pricing and short lead-time to delivery.

In addition to servicing the HVAC industry, M&M provides custom fabrication services. CNC laser, water jet and plasma cutting allow us to accurately and efficiently cut profiles and shapes from virtually any material. Our craftsmen can transform our customers’ designs into reality using state of the art software and equipment.