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The new standard in factory sealed fittings.

All building modern building codes require duct joints and seems to be sealed. M&M DucTite products are factory sealed so the installer only needs to seal his duct connection(s). M&M is a leader in developing products to meet changing code requirements.

DucTite Boots

Ductite Boots

  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) R-6 Insulator
  • Made from 100% Recyclable EPS
  • Reduces Installation Time & Labor Costs
  • No Exposed Fibers in the Air Stream
  • No Additional Taping or Sealing Needed
  • Closed Cell Vapor Barrier
  • Simple “Slide On” Installation
  • Field Recognizable Green Color

See ICC-ES Evaluation Report No ESR-1228 at www.icc-es.org.

DucTite Wyes

Ductite Wyes

  • Sealed Stitch Welded Lap Joint Body Seam
  • Collars Mechanically Formed – no Lateral Seams
  • Stop Beads for use with Flexible Duct
  • Connections Sized for Sheet Metal Pipe or Flex
  • No Exposed Fibers in the Air Stream
  • Available in Many Popular Sizes
  • Wye Branch Angle Provides Easy Duct Connection
  • Factory Sealed with a UL 181 Mastic

DucTite fittings conform to 2009 IRC M1601.4.1 which requires joints of duct systems to be “substantially airtight”.

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