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Faccin 3DP2521 Plate Bending Roll

Faccin 3DP2521 Plate Bending Roll - Equipment - M & M Manufacturing

M&M Dallas enhances their fabrication capabilities with their recent acquisition of a new Faccin 3DP2521, 3 Roll Double Pinch Plate Bending Roll. The unit can handle 3/8” thick material up to 8’ long and has a Cone Rolling Attachment.

The DP3 is the latest evolution of the traditional three roll double pinch plate bending machine. It has been designed to cover the needs of the fabrication shop: Strength, User Friendliness, and Versatility. FACCIN’s experience in manufacturing heavy and super-heavy duty machines is applied to the design of the DP3 series of plate rolls.

The DP3 series is the most precise 3 roll machine in its category. The RGS design reduces to a minimum the distance between the bending points guaranteeing higher bending accuracy.

The MCS bearing system, incorporating 4 independent bearings for each bending roll is a standard feature of the DP3. It guarantees higher reliability (higher capacity of load absorption) and increases the range for tilting the side rolls, resulting in more versatility, when rolling cones.

The Ultra wide roll supports with lubrication circuit are mounted over the slides to prevent wear and tear.

Another important standard feature to increase the versatility of the machine is the roll shaft extensions to allow dies to be fitted to bend profile and pipe.

The very high rotation power is a guarantee of the DP3’s superior rolling torque and speed, available without loss of energy as all three rolls are driven independently by hydro-motors and gearboxes directly coupled to the rolls shafts.

Standard Configuration:

  • Linear slides for roll movement
  • Ultra wide roll supports
  • 4 independent bearings on bending rolls
  • Three independently driven rolls
  • Full hydraulic power
  • Metric scales for rolls positioning
  • Front swing console with handle
  • Lubrication circuit
  • Emergency stop button
  • Safety Guard cable
  • Mazak Nexus VCN 510C

Mazak Nexus VCN 510C

Mazak Nexus VCN 510C - Equipment - M & M Manufacturing

M&M Products continues to set the pace with their recent acquisition of a new Mazak VCN 510C, high speed multi-axis machining center. The new Nexus VCN 510C machine built in Florence, KY, with 40-taper spindle. The new VCN 510C delivers 20 Hp, 12,000 rpm.

The high-speed rapid-traverse rate of 1417 ipm at 0.5 G acceleration and 2.0 seconds tool-to-tool time further slashes non-cutting time in favor of increased production. The machine is equipped with a 30-tool capacity ATC for extra tool storage.

The VCN 510C also provides a large machining area, with X-axis travel of 41.3 in., Y-axis and Z-axis travel range of 20 in. Table size is 51 in. x 21 in. and maximum work weight is 2,640 lbs. Overall machine dimensions are very compact, saving valuable floor space. This attractively positioned machine offers a unique blend of rigid machining capability, quality of construction.

The NEXUS Vertical Machining Centers are built with more productivity-enhancing features than any other verticals in their class. This makes them an incredible value for shops large and small. Packed with 30 tools, a variety of workpieces can be machined without changing the tool setup. The Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC control features the simplest, smartest conversational programming complete with monitoring and diagnostics. Environmentally friendly, too!

Durma AD-S 30135 Press Brake

Durma AD-S 30135 Press Brake - Equipment - M & M Manufacturing

M&M Products enhances their CNC precision press brake forming capabilities with a recent acquisition of a new Durma AD-S 30135 Press Brake.

The new brake has standard features including:

  • Delem DA66W Windows NT Based Graphical Controller
  • Y1, Y2 Programmable Ram Positioning
  • X/R Programmable Back Gauge Positioning
  • CNC Calculated and Controlled Crowning
  • Universal Wedge Punch Clamp (European or American Punches)
  • Two T-Slotted Front Sheet Supports
  • T-Slotted Table
  • Rear Work Light
  • Dual Palm/Foot Station w/4 Mode Selection Via Key
  • Side & Rear Mechanical Safety Fences
  • With 150 ton capacity and 120″ bending length, the new press brake makes a very nice addition for production output to service customers better.

NTC Laser Cutting System

NTC Laser Cutting System - Equipment - M & M Manufacturing

Continuing its’ commitment to advanced manufacturing technology, M&M’s Dallas shop has recently added an NTC America Corporation model TLZ-510, an ultra-high speed 2-dimensional, 3-axis laser system with dual pallet changer and flying optics provides high-speed cutting, flexibility and precision for 3-axis laser cutting of a variety of materials.

With cutting feed rates to 1,575 inches per minute and rapid feed rates to 3,739 inches per minute, the TLZ provides the speed for virtually any high-production cutting. The TLZ dual-pallet changer allows for quick set up time and flexible cutting operations. Robust construction and stability provide for high repeatability, positioning accuracy and consistent cutting action. The 3,300 watt system can cut a maximum sheet size of 60” x 120” with a positioning accuracy of 0.002”.

Calypso WaterJet System

Calypso WaterJet System - Equipment - M & M Manufacturing

The commercial products division in Dallas has added a Calypso WaterJet Cutting System to their fabricating capabilities. The waterjet is capable of cutting very large parts with outstanding precision, as well as cutting small parts of any shape from virtually any material.

The unit cuts all grades of steel, stainless and any alloy up to 6″ thick. Aluminum can be cut without causing harm to the material in any way, no discoloration or warping. Materials like glass, plexi-glass and even bullet proof glass can be cut regardless of shape, leaving a smooth sanded edge finish. Even wood can be cut with great precision, perfect for counter tops or unusual shapes, will cut through laminated wood without harm to laminate.

The Calypso WaterJet Cutting System is capable of producing 5 different cut qualities. The fastest speeds are used for non-showing edges and edges requiring hand processing of some type. The best quality is used for miter edges or moving right to polishing pads. Accuracy of +/- .003″ can be provided.

Finn-Power C5 Compact Express

Finn-Power C5 Compact Express - Equipment - M & M Manufacturing

M&M Products has added a new Finn-Power C5 Compact Express high-performance turret punch press to its arsenal of technology. This increase in production capacity reconfirms M&M Products’ commitment their customers in quality and performance.

Finn-Power touts the C5 as a “new era in high-performance turret punch press by the pioneer in hydraulic turret punch presses. In modern, flexible manufacturing, jobs vary, and so should machine tools. Compact Express offers four-in-one capacity for different manufacturing tasks.”

M&M Products’ C5 is a 33 ton hydraulic turret punch press. Sheet capacity is 50” x 100” (50” x 200” with repositioning). The turret has 20 stations capable of holding over 120 tools. The maximum punch diameter is 3 ½”. The C5 is equipped with full brush tables providing better material support during operation, reducing noise and helping to prevent surface scratches.

Further enhancing the C5’s performance is the fully automated material loading and unloading system. The CNC integrated control allows for virtual “lights out” production capability.

TRUMPH 4,000 Watt, CO2 Laser Cutting System

TRUMPH 4,000 Watt, CO2 Laser Cutting System - Equipment - M & M Manufacturing

CO2 laser technology has revolutionized production in sheet metal fabrication. M&M is proud to have this technology in its equipment arsenal to serve customers better and quicker.

The 4,000 watt, TL 3030 machine features precision mechanical engineering and state-of-the-art laser and control technology. This technology provides maximum fabrication latitude, allowing short reaction times to changing customer demands.

The Lift Master automates loading and unloading operations. The sheets are transported from the raw material stack to the pallet changer on the machine. An unloading rake transports finished work pieces and scrap skeletons from the machine to the finished parts stack.

Fusion Arc 400L

Fusion Arc 400L - Equipment - M & M Manufacturing

The Fusion Arc 400L is a pre-configured robotic welding cell with four (4) individual weld stations. The large surface area and table layout utilizes a high percentage of the welding robot’s functional envelope. This increased space combined with multiple fixtures results in less set-up time, especially in short-run applications.

M&M choose the AX-V6L high speed manipulator. It is a long arm welding robot, with an extended reach over 78” which provides an optimum solution for welding large work pieces.

The AC MIG 200 Power Source minimizes risk of burn-through of ultra thin materials when welding thicknesses less than .030”. The controller provides four process modes for maximum penetration control of AC Pulses, DC Pulses, AC Wave Pulse and DC Wave Pulse.

Utilized primarily by M&M Products Division, the robotic welding cell is another example of M&M’s commitment to advanced technology in sheet metal fabrication. This commitment ensures high quality products at a competitive price.

Iowa Precision FABRIDUCT Lines

Iowa Precision FABRIDUCT Lines - Equipment - M & M Manufacturing

To meet the demanding needs for quick turn in the production of rectangular ductwork, M&M utilizes the full capabilities of multiple automated duct fabricating lines.

The Fabriduct line represents the ultimate in automated duct manufacturing. It produces duct from coil stock to ready-to-assemble “L” sections or complete “Wrap arounds” with formed connections including Pittsburgh , slip & drive, Snap lock and TDC , beaded and insulated, if required.

Multiple decoiling units provide instant access to the right material thickness and width, thereby greatly reducing the changeover time between production runs.

Iowa Precision Industries SLEAR lines

M&M also utilizes the capabilities of multiple IPI Slear Cut-To-Length/Slitting lines in their production plants. The Slear systems produce blanks from coil stock which may include mild steel, preprinted, galvanized, tin plate, aluminum, stainless steel and non ferrous metals. A variety of Slear blanking lines, all modular and designed flexible to meet the specific production needs of the customers orders provide excellent turn times from order placement to delivery.

Waterjet Cutting System

Waterjet Cutting System - Equipment - M & M Manufacturing

The waterjet cutting system is used for high speed, accurate cutting of insulation for fittings. The CNC control allows for efficient use of ductliner and stores nested programs for rapid recall.

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