M&M Recognizes Luis Rojo, Jose Rojo, Francisco Arellanes, and Rob Felton for 20 Years of Service, as of October 5th, 2015

Left to right are Luis Rojo, Jose Rojo, Francisco Arellanes and Rob Felton, CEO, as they are congratulated upon presentation of their M&M 20 year gold ring. Luis works in the IB department, Jose works in the shipping department, and Francisco works in the shipping department at the North Fort Worth plant.

M&M is proud of its tradition of awarding their employees with the gold ring when they achieve their 20 year milestone in employment. This presentation to Luis, Jose, and Francisco marked the 128th, 129th, and 130th recipients of this honor. Rob Felton already received his 20 year ring in 2013.

Thank you Luis, Jose, and Francisco for 20 years of service.

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